All about buttonholes

This morning’s Toujour Couture meeting was all about buttonholes.

A buttonhole by definition is a small slit in a garment or piece of fabric for fastening a button, but we all know a buttonhole is much more than a slit in cloth!

It can be either utilitarian or a design element depending on the garment being created. There are many types of buttonholes; machine worked, bound, corded, slot, embellished or faced.

Along with a wide variety of buttonholes and a presentation by Mary-Jo on easy to make bound buttonholes, we also discussed two books about the topic:

Opening and Closing: Closures by Lois Ericson. Lois Ericson is known all over the world for her creative ideas. This book showcases fascinating creative ideas and directions in making unusual closures for your garments. Unusual and non standard closures can be incorporated into garments before they are cut out. The book is out of print, but still available new and 2nd hand through Amazon.
Easy, Easier, Easiest Tailoring by Palmer & Pletsch. This book provides the basics for understanding the tailoring process. It divides the skills into levels (hence the easy, easier, easiest description) that corresponds to the type of finish and look of the garment: less constructed, more casual to more structured, classicly tailored. Step by step instructions are given from the cutting to the assembling of the garment. The easy method to make bound buttonhole, demonstrated today by Mary-Jo can be found in this book. This book is also available through Amazon.
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