After the Masks

When COVID sent us all inside, our minds were consumed with questions like


We needed something to combat all kinds of feelings.  Fear.  Boredom.  Lack of purpose.  And we had to find the solution to those feelings within the confines of our own homes.

Because we sew, many of us found the solace we needed right inside our sewing room.  The thinking required when sewing can crowd out those feelings of fear and boredom.  And many found a sense of purpose by making masks.  But what happened after all those masks?  I did a little bit of inquiring and I found out


There were baby things

Helen made hats and a beautiful christening gown.  Jane got creative with her Silhouette and made her grandson a few more cute t-shirts.

And Quilts

Jami expressed her love for pandas.  Gloria thought she chose an easy quilt pattern for her son and his bride.  Surprise!  She tells me it was quite challenging but she still managed to finish it well ahead of their August wedding date.  Kris finished a hot rod quilt for her grandson.  And Ann picked up her crochet needle and made an afghan.

Lounge and Leisure

Helen made an excellent choice with a new pair of PJs cute enough to wear all day long.  And Marie pulled out that swimsuit she started about 2 years ago and finally conquered her fears … or was that frustration… and got it ready in time to test out in her pool this summer.

There were tops

Mary Jo honed her drafting skills using her new favorite, Alexandra Morgan, sloper techniques.  Ann used seersucker from her stash to make a cute top.  And Marie managed to work in this cute blouse in between all those masks she made.


Helen tried out Very Easy Vogue 8379 on this cute floral dress.  And Beverly tried her hand at the ClosetCase Fiona sundress and another dress she “frankenpatterned” from a McCalls pattern and a bit of her own drafting.


Markita finished a jumpsuit she says gave her fits but it sure came out cute.  Sheryl is showing off the welt pocket on her newly finished Chino Town Chino pants.  Beverly continued her Closet Case journey with a new pair of Pietra pants.

And all the Rest!

Kelli made window treatments for her sewing room and a cute fabric flower.  Jane made 2 cute pillows. Mary did some fabric dying and made free standing lace sun catchers in the hoop on nylon organza that look just like stained glass!  Jami made another amazing doll and Debby finished that tree skirt her daughter asked for last Christmas.

But wait…

I started this out wondering what you made after the masks.  Well I just had to include one mask picture.   Kris wasn’t satisfied with just any old mask for the priests at her church, so she made LITURGICAL masks!

There is one more feeling you may have found yourself battling … isolation.

We are here for you!

We meet online every Saturday morning at 9 AM CT and the 2nd Tuesday evening of each month at 7 PM CT. Email Sheryl at to get the meeting links. In addition, several other groups have had one or more of their meetings online while we have been in quarantine. Check the calendar for groups like WestSide Sew, Hoopla Sisters, Designing Divas and Toujours! Couture. Each of these groups have hosted at least one meeting online and may host more.

While we would never wish to be in quarantine, it is certainly nice to see that it has produced so much more than feelings of fear, boredom, and lack of purpose.  You are all so inspiring! Thanks to all of you for sharing your makes. 

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6 thoughts on “After the Masks”

  1. Love this compilation of sewing items that kept us busy during this time. It’s great to see the diversity of what has been made. Thanks for putting this together and putting a smile on my face.

    1. It was such fun to get all of these and see all this creativity! Glad you enjoyed it too.

  2. We have so much talent in this group. It blows me away! Marie’s swimsuit is stunning! Beverly’s projects are so professional looking as is Sheryl’s pocket.

    1. We do have quite a group of talented and inspiring members! Glad you enjoyed seeing them!

  3. Such lovely, creative, and diverse products from very talented ladies are fun to see. Quarantine certainly gave us time to either finish all those UFOs or decide we were never going to finish them and pass them along as well as be creative.

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