‘Adinkra: Transforming Tradition’ Exhibition

The Arts gallery at Collin College’s Spring Creek Campus (SCC) is scheduled to present the “Adinkra: Transforming Tradition” exhibition.

The exhibition will feature textiles created primarily by Gabriel Kwaku Boakye, a member of the internationally acclaimed family of adinkra printers in Ntonso, Ghana, West Africa. Ntonso is one of the historical and contemporary centers of Adinkra cloth, which has long been associated with funerals, kingships and wealth in traditional Ashanti culture. Featured textiles will include video of the processes as well as a loom and the stamps used for adinkra cloth.

The word Adinkra means goodbye. Adinkra is a tradition of stamping large cloths with visual symbols that embody proverbs, project cultural values and commemorate historical events in Ghana, West Africa. Historically worn by kings and other significant dignitaries, adinkra cloth was a marker for and projection of power. Since the mid-twentieth century, many of the visual symbols have become synonymous with Ghanaian collective cultural identity in post-colonial Africa.

The handmade Adinkra stamps will be available for sale, after the exhibit is over! 


Collin College’s Spring Creek Campus (SCC)
2800 E. Spring Creek Parkway, Plano
September 27 – October 18, 2012

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