Fabric Swatch Notebook Printable

Everyone could use a little bit of organization when it comes to their fabric stash. Do you remember the yardage of that one piece of fabric you bought months ago? And was it 100% rayon or a blend? Sewweekly.com has created a simple PDF that you can print and use to keep track of your stash of fabric.

Once the sheet is completed, you can keep your swatch library in a three-ring binder and easily browse your fabric. Download the Fabric Swatch printable for free and get organized!

Some tips

  • Use double-sided tape to adhere the fabric
  • Print on cardstock
  • Don’t force yourself to fill out fields you don’t particularly care about. You want to feel motivated to keep the swatch library — not burdened.
  • If you’re doing your whole stash at once, try to think of groupings that will make your library more efficient. Consider, fabric type, era, color and print as possible sub-categories.

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