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Our Chapter President Markita Gumble entered the challenge at ETA having to make three outfits for three different occasions (‘scenarios’) using patterns and fabrics given to her for the challenge.


markita photoPersonal Information

Name:  Markita Hall-Gumble
City in which you live?  McKinney, TX

At what age did you begin sewing and who taught you? 
I started playing with fabric scraps and buttons around 5 years of age, learn to hand embroider and started making doll clothes in early elementary.  By high school, I was making a majority of my clothes, because in those days sewing clothes were cheaper than buying off the rack.

What is your favorite type of sewing (home dec/quilting/ wearable art, etc)?
I don’t have a favorite type of sewing, but my favorite part of sewing is the planning stage.  I love the creative process of deciding on how to put fabrics together.

Why did you want to participate in this Fashion Challenge?
I am the queen of unfinished projects.  Because I love the planning process, I tend to gather lots of supplies but rarely have a finished item.  Having a challenge with direction but lots of room for creativity and a deadline is the perfect motivator for me.   In addition, as the new president of the Plano chapter of the American Sewing Guild, I hope to inspire and entertain our current and hopefully future members.

Tell us one interesting piece of information about yourself.
After high school graduation, I enrolled at TCU with a full scholarship in fashion design.  While fashion was my passion, I decided after looking at the salaries of computer programmers to change my major and subsequent career to the new (in the very early 80’s) field of computers.  I feel lucky to be able to thrive in both the creative and the analytical worlds.

Scenario 1: Friday night dinner with just the girls and you have not seen them in 2 years.


Pattern(s) used:  Great Copy # 2545 Barcelona Jacket, Silhouette Pattern # 4013 Vince’s Dress and #5019 Angel’s Handbag  & Leggings

Fabric used:  Camel Felted Wool, Light blue Ribbed Knit, Navy Denim additionally gray lining fabric

Notions used:  thread for all –  For the jacket –  shoulder pads, 2 rhinestone pearl buttons and 2 snaps; For the dress – rick rack for neck edging, stay tape for shoulder seams ; For the bag – lining is mylar emergency blanket from Disney marathon, interfacing, 2 recycled D rings, purse snap

Did you make changes to the fabric?  Yes

If so, what did you do?
I machine felted La Boehme yarn from Fiesta yarn (hand dye two stranded kid mohair and rayon) which was left over from the yarn used to make the scarf on the wool fabric.   I decided to repeat the stripe detail, diagonals on the sleeves and vertical stripes on the jacket body.

For the purse, I machine embroidered a Dia de los Muertos skull from Urban Threads in gray thread on both sides of the bag.  I collect Dia de los Muertos items.

Did you make changes to the pattern(s)? Yes

If so, what did you do?
Jacket – shortened the jacket 2 “, added back darts and a full lining.

Dress – shortened the dress and made short cuffed sleeves.

Which of the items is in all three outfits?  The denim purse

Which of the items is reversible?  None for this day

What was your concept for this outfit?  For dinner with girls, I wanted a dressy but still fun look that could inspire conversation.  For example, collection of skulls, running Disney Marathon, last year’s trip to Barcelona.

Scenario 2: Morning walk on the beach/Breakfast


Pattern(s) used:  Silhouettes pattern #150 Dana’s top , #211 Nina’s top, and #3300 Lana’s jeans

Fabric used: Yellow web knit, navy denim  additionally yellow jersey knit

Notions used:  Thread for all –  stay tape for shoulders of both tops, for jeans – metal zipper, jeans snap

Did you make changes to the fabric?  No

Did you make changes to the pattern(s)?  Yes

If so, what did you do?
Nina’s top used as jacket, increased the width of sleeves and shortened jacket length, for Dana’s top constructed as sleeveless.  For Lana’s jeans constructed as shorts and switched the side of the fly.

Which of the items is in all three outfits?  Denim purse

Which of the items is reversible? None for this day

What was your concept for this outfit?  For a beach walk, I wanted something that would allow stepping into the water, so the shorts work great.  In addition, at breakfast having a light wrap (as the Nina’s top/jacket became) makes a very casual outfit a little more “put together”.

Scenario 3:  Afternoon art show/fes­tival.


Pattern(s) used:  SewkeysE by Emma Seabrooke St. Anne top and cardigan, Anne St. Clair’s Elite Camisoles and Silhouette patterns #2050 wrap around skirt

Fabric used: blue variegated knit, black woven silk added blue jersey knit and blue stretch twill and a scrap of striped pinpoint oxford retrieved from trash after husband tossed torn work shirt.

Notions used: Black stretch lace, interfacing, snap, black tricot covered cording, 6 navy buttons

Did you make changes to the fabric?  No

Did you make changes to the pattern(s)?  yes

If so, what did you do?
For the cardigan, removed sizing for larger cup size and made sleeves smaller, added 1” to fronts.  For skirt – added side seams in place of darts, shortened length and made reversible instead of using lining

Which of the items is in all three outfits?  Denim purse

Which of the items is reversible? The wrap around skirt

What was your concept for this outfit?  I am in love with the combination of black and royal blue.  I often wear camisoles and skirts, so was happy that they could come together in this outfit.  It was a happy accident that my husband tossed the pinstripe, because I had been wanting to try the triangle buttonhole that was taught by Marla Kazell in the Koos van den Akker workshop and again by Jami Roux in the couture neighborhood group meeting.

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